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Addiction Recovery Services

DUI Evaluations and Treatmentin Columbus, Georgia and Evaluations in LaGrange, Georgia

Providing DUI evaluations and treatment, addiction counseling, and CARF consulting preparation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I was just charged with a DUI in Georgia. Someone told me I had to go to a treatment program. Is this true?

A: Well, that could be, but maybe not. First you must complete a Risk Reduction Program (commonly called DUI School). After completion, you will be asked to select a Clinical Evaluator who has been approved by the State. The evaluation will then determine if you should complete treatment. If so, you will be given a list of State approved Treatment Providers from who you select who you will complete your treatment under. If you have questions, give me a call. I am an approved Clinical Evaluator and Treatment Provider. You may check the Georgia Registry of Evaluation and Treatment Providers for more information.

Q: I think I may drink too much, and I have stopped before. I still have my job and cannot afford to go away for treatment for a month or more. What can I do?

A: I am glad that you still have your job. That can be important while making changes in other areas of your life. One option that works for many people is the Outpatient Treatment Program. This would allow you to maintain your job, while still receiving treatment while living at home! It's sort of like learning to fish while at the lake, instead of taking a class on fishing while living in the desert.

Q: I'm not sure where to start, but my spouse keeps doing drugs, even though she promises she will stop. What should I do?

A: For one, you must take care of yourself. Perhaps we could meet to discuss options for taking care of yourself. Someone said that there are only two things we can change: ourselves (and that's pretty hard to do) and our location. Trying to change another person wears us down, usually with few positive results.

Q: My company requires everyone beginning employment to pass a drug screen. We also conduct drug testing once per year--for everyone! Do you think we can still have employees who abuse drugs working for us?

A: A lot of drugs will not show on a drug test after only a few days, even as few as 3-4 days for some. If annual testing is announced ahead of time, many people will stop using until the test is completed. Addiction Recovery Services can help you implement a more effective drug free program.

Q: I think that we will probably pass the CARF survey. How can I know for sure?

A: Washburn Consultation Services can help you determine your preparedness for a CARF survey in several ways. A Mock Survey will give the organization (management and staff) a feel for an actual survey, while helping determine how an organization conforms to standards. Years of experience in surveying multiple organizations assures an accurate assessment of where an organization is in the CARF accreditation process.

Q: Our organization was expecting to submit for a CARF survey in a year or two, but recent changes in funding require that we be accredited within 8 - 9 months. Can we do this?

A: Washburn Consultation Services will gladly meet with the organization to determine what steps are needed to achieve CARF accreditation. As long as you can show evidence of meeting the CARF standards for a period of at least six months, your organization would be eligible for accreditation. Washburn Consultation Services understands your need for a rapid response, along with quality consultation. We will give you an immediate reply within twenty four hours of your initial contact and give you on-site attention within 30 days!

Q: We were accredited by CARF for three years and now will be having our next survey in about six months. We do not need to start over in the CARF accreditation process, but we do need some assistance. Can you help?

A: Washburn Consultation Services wants to help you with what you need. Congratulations on your earning a three-year CARF accreditation! You must be providing very high quality services. We will be glad to speak with you to help you decide what level of consultation is best for you.

Q: There are lots of people who claim to be experts in the CARF field. How do we know that we are getting quality consultation?

A: There are truly many people and organizations who claim to give excellent consultation services for organizations working toward CARF accreditation. And, many of these do exactly as they claim; however, many do not. Washburn Consultation Services was born upon recognizing that many who offer consultation offer poor services. When offering consultation, it is important that the consultant is up to date with the CARF standards. The CEO for Washburn Consultation Services has attended 90% of the annual CARF Surveyor Trainings over the last eighteenyears! In the previous six years, he has conducted more than 100 surveys!


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